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The Re-Emerging project: BEYOND LOCKDOWN


Four years after the pandemic that changed the world in 2020, a team of artists and scientists, supported by CORILA, has brought to life Re-Emerging, a multidisciplinary and international initiative that blends artistic and scientific language to promote reflection on the connection between humans and Nature.

The project aims to create a digital archive of collective memory of the lockdown to capture a snapshot of our time, going beyond mere documentation of experiences tied to the lockdown. When the abrupt decrease in anthropogenic pressure allowed us to observe the surrounding environment more closely, it promotes a global reflection on our identity and our relationship with the natural world, which could and should influence present and future choices.

The exhibition takes visitors on a journey to relive the feelings and desires they experienced during that time, to compare the spaces of today’s Venice with those of then, and to stimulate new reflections on the effects of such significant events in our existence.


“Where We Were” by Gaby Wagner
“How We Felt” by Sophie Fauchier
“What We Dreamed” by Val Masferrer-Oliveira

The exhibition, held at the Procuratie Vecchie in Piazza San Marco, is a photographic journey that traverses the three emotional states represented by the works of the artists.

The magnificent beauty of Venice reflected in the canals, the splendid Renaissance palaces, and the Gothic architecture of the city come alive in Gaby Wagner‘s photographs from the first lockdown: a celebration of lights, colors, and absolute perfection.

In the introspective shots from 2020 by Sophie Fauchier, the silence of the places, the solitude of the inhabitants, and the abandonment of one of the world’s most idolized cities find a place with extreme delicacy.

The works of Val Masferrer-Oliveira, from 2020/2021, blur the lines between reality and dream, with dreamlike photographs that recreate a submerged Venice, where ethereal and tangible elements merge: a poetic vision that serves as a warning about the fragility of this city, so exposed to the effects of climate change.

The exhibition also dedicates space to the results obtained from the scientific investigation conducted by environmental scientists from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Alice Stocco and Silvia Rova, who, through an online survey in collaboration with Professor Fabio Pranovi, collected the feelings that people were experiencing during the lockdown.

The exhibition has an immersive character with the use of augmented reality and an interactive map of digital photographs, accompanied by the sound tapestry of noises recorded during the closure, when time and chatter had stopped. Moreover, the exhibition space is perfect for highlighting the contrast between the emptiness of people in the photographs and the silence, contrasting with the noisy crowds of today’s Square.


CORILA enriches the project with a “Citizen Science” initiative: the creation of a digital archive of Venetian images captured during isolation. Each visitor will be able to donate their most significant photos, along with a thought, a memory, or a reflection. The digital archive, which will be freely accessible online, will serve as a significant contribution to collective memory, aiding reflection on the transformations of the lagoon during that extraordinary period, highlighting the impacts of the lockdown on daily life and the surrounding environment, and testifying to the close relationship between the city and its lagoon.

CORILA, with its commitment to promoting and coordinating research on the Venice lagoon, sees this exhibition as an opportunity to share knowledge and raise awareness among the public about the importance of respecting the city’s natural heritage.

The endorsement of the UN Ocean Decade adds further value to the initiative, emphasizing the importance of understanding and preserving the fundamental role of aquatic environments, contributing to a global reflection on our identity and relationship with the natural world for a more sustainable and harmonious future.


Re-Emerging Venice

Beyond Lockdown

Photographic Exhibition

March 1st > March 15th, 2024

Procuratie Vecchie 139/153

Piazza San Marco – Venice



Tuesday to Sunday

Free admission 10:00 AM > 6:00 PM

Info: Giovanna Poggi Marchesi, Project Creator


UNESCO/United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development

Venice World Sustainability Capital Foundation

Veneto Region

City of Venice – Le città in festa