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Published on 07-10-2022


CORILA is at the service of safeguarding Venice and its lagoon, elaborating and providing the social and political community with the results deriving from the best scientific awareness, which CORILA provides to guide and coordinate, for the development of knowledge-based policies. To this end, it interacts with the international scientific community on related matters, developing and actively contributing to initiatives and projects, in which the researchers of the bodies associated with CORILA participate. These researches have important repercussions for the development of new knowledge, as such also valid beyond the geographical context of the Venetian lagoon.


Pursuing the protection of Venice, a World Heritage Site, is a national, European and universal goal, and today its implementation is fully part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and those of the European Green Deal. Today the city and the lagoon of Venice are experiencing the results of the achievements conceived in the second half of the last century, which climate change today makes even more necessary, but which in the medium-long term will not be sufficient. Furthermore, the rise in sea level, of which Venice is a world icon, as well as other effects due to climate change, will manifest themselves in many cities, coastal systems and transition environments, with consequences on habitats, economies and on companies. The development of new interdisciplinary knowledge, connected to the capacity for innovation and integration with the political-administrative management mechanisms, will allow the maintenance of precious ecosystem services, the safeguarding of cultural heritage, the sustainable development of societies.
In this scenario, CORILA represents a precious element of connection between the highly specialized disciplinary knowledge developed by the researchers of the associated bodies, with each other and with the needs expressed by the company and its representatives. This will be essential in the new phase of lagoon protection and at the same time it will become useful for seizing and consolidating the opportunities offered to the research systems connected to CORILA, by the national and European recovery and resilience plans, also for the benefit of the Member Bodies and more generally. of the entire national community. A strengthened CORILA will have the means to be an actor and not a spectator of the changes already underway