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Published on 27-10-2021


BRIGANTINE Project – Interreg Italy-Croatia

We are excited to announce that the BRIGANTINE project, in which CORILA participates as leader…

Invitation to the Final Conference of LIFE FORESTALL, Venice-Mestre, Thursday June 13rd

We are pleased to invite you to the Final LIFE FORESTALL conference: “An Oasis in…

“On the trail of nature” Special video report by TGR RAI national television channel

On Sunday 19 May 2024 we were interviewed by journalists from RAI TGR television channel…

Brussels, Belgium – 30.04.2024: Shaping the future of Maritime Spatial Planning

The CPMR General Secretariat, with the support of Murcia Region organises a Symposium in the…

The annual General Assembly of the REST-COAST and Waterlands H2020 projects

The annual General Assembly of the REST-COAST and Waterlands H2020 projects took place last Friday….

The Re-Emerging project: BEYOND LOCKDOWN

Re-Emerging: BEYOND LOCKDOWN Four years after the pandemic that changed the world in 2020, a…

The second partner meeting of the Interreg IT-SLO Poseidone Project

Today, in the heart of the Val Stagnon Nature Reserve, organized by Naravni rezervat Škocjanski…

Get DANUBIUS-RI Services for Free!

📣If you are an early career researcher or PhD student you could really deliver a…

FORTUNE Italy: published a special issue dedicated to Venice and MOSE

FORTUNE Italy has created a special issue dedicated to Venice and the MOSE, the hydraulic…

Resilient Cultural Heritage: intervista al Direttore di CORILA

Ordine ​​Ingegneri ​Città Metropolitana di ​Venezia Intervista al Direttore di CORILA ing. Pierpaolo Campostrini, che...

Resilient Cultural Heritage: Protecting Cultural Heritage from Sea Level Rise


Birdstrike event foiled at Venice Marco Polo airport. The interview with Francesca Coccon, CORILA, on La Nuova di Venezia.

Birdstrike event foiled at Venice Marco Polo airport. The interview with Francesca Coccon, CORILA, on…

REST-COAST Annual Meeting | 18 – 21 September, 2023, Gdansk, Poland

Yesterday the General Assembly of REST-COAST has officially started. The meeting, hosted in Gdansk, Poland,…

REST-COAST Annual Meeting

Paving the way towards sustainable river to sea coastal restoration: REST-COAST Annual Meeting REST-COAST is...

Conclusion of the FRAMESPORT Project

The FRAMESPORT project formally ended the past June 30th. Many are the activities and initiatives...

Project HATCH: Hadriaticum Data Hub – Successfully finished

The CORILA has participated as PROJECT partner in project HATCH: Hadraticum Data Hub that has…

Launch of POSEIDONE, Italy – Slovenia strategic project. KOM 12-06-2023

POSEIDONE - Promotion Of green SEa Infrastructure Devoted tO a New Environment  Promotion of green and blue infrastructure dedicated to a new...

Venice Boat Show 2023. “MOSE and the others: defense against storm surges in the world”.

Venice Boat Show 2023. June 1, 9.30-13.30. Conference "MOSE and the others: defense from storm...

FRAMESPORT Project – Salone Nautico Venezia – 31.05-04.06.2023

Within the Salone Nautico di Venezia (Venice Boat Show), the closing event of the FRAMESPORT...

FRAMESPORT Project: they talk about us…

Published on 09-05-2023 They talk about us… @Gente veneta, in the attached article. FRAMESPORT, a…

HATCH Project-Hadriaticum Hub 3-4.04.2023

Published on 05-04-2023

Danubius-IP. Steering Committee 22-23.03.2023

Published on 25-03-2023

LIFE FORESTALL Workshop Orbetello. 9.03.2023

Published on 10-03-2023

PNRR. iNEST. Spoke 4 Kick-off Meeting. 8.03.2023

Published on 09-03-2023

Research Programme Venezia2021. Final Conference. 12.01.2023

The Final Event of the Venezia2021 Research Program will be held on 12 January 2023...

FRAMESPORT at the ECOMONDO fair. 8-11.11.2022

Published on 15-11-2022

Sea Level Rise Conference. 17-18.10.2022

Published on 21-10-2022

Rest-Coast Project. Venice Meeting. 18-21.10.2022

Published on 13-10-2022

Sea Level Rise. Conference 2022. 17-18.10.2022

Published on 13-10-2022

ADRILINK – fifth newsletter

The fifth newsletter of the ADRILINK "Adriatic Landscape Interpretation Network" project has been published, a...

HATCH-HADRIATICUM HUB Kick-Off Meeting Project. 6.10.2022

Published on 05-10-2022

International Conference MEDBLEUE 2022 in Tunisi. 28-30.09.2022

Published on 01-10-2022

Final conference of the MSPMED project. 13-14.10.2022

Published on 13-09-2022

GreenHull. Final conference in Piran. 09.2022

Published on 01-09-2022

Work with CORILA

Published on 12-08-2022

Final conference of the GreenHull project. 26.08.2022

Published on 08-08-2022

Launch of the INTERREG IT-HR HATCH project. 21.06.2022

Published on 19-07-2022

ADRILINK. Fourth Newsletter

Published on 15-07-2022