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FORTUNE Italy: published a special issue dedicated to Venice and MOSE

FORTUNE Italy has created a special issue dedicated to Venice and the MOSE, the hydraulic system of mobile and invisible dams that protects Venice from high waters. In this monograph it is told in many voices how the MOSE saved and continues to save Venice, preserving its uniqueness and how it now represents a global model of coastal protection.

Eng. Pierpaolo Campostrini, director of CORILA, contributed to the drafting of the special issue with an article (on page 50-51) that concerns the history of the MOSE project, from the 1966 disaster to the Special Law for Venice, retracing all the efforts made to defend the city.

An issue enriched by the contributions of the protagonists of the institutions and beyond: Renato Brunetta, Benno Albrecht – Luigi Brugnaro – Paolo Costa – Tiziana Lippiello – Giorgia Meloni – Gilberto Pichetto Fratin – Hermes Redi – Matteo Salvini – Alberto Scotti – Elisabetta Spitz – Pasquale Quito Terracciano – Pier Vellinga, – Luca Zaia and created in collaboration with the Venice Sustainability Foundation.

To read the complete special issue and learn more about all the topics, click here:


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