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Published on 02-09-2022

CORILA promotes and coordinates
scientific research on the Venice lagoon

The study and scientific understanding of lagoon ecosystems must be ongoing activities, where the final word can only be used during intermediate steps along the evolution of knowledge.

Climate change and the already occurred temporary closure of the lagoon environment, thanks to the entry into operation of the MOSE system, change the surrounding conditions every day, making it necessary to constantly monitor the current state and study activities to arrive at an understanding of the lagoon system and its evolution, which is both a point of arrival and a solid scientific basis for future research.

In all of this, CORILA is a stable point of reference for the entire scientific community, promoting integration between the different skills and multidisciplinary knowledge, with the aim of achieving an increasingly in-depth description of what constitutes the ecosystem of the Venetian lagoon and the city itself, and characterizing its temporal trends, to then make this information available to the entire company.

Research programme Venezia2021