Yellow-legged gulls in Venice

Effects of a new waste collection policy on the population of yellow-legged gulls, Larus michahellis, in the historic centre of Venice (Italy)














The yellow-legged gull, Larus michahellis, has recently colonized the city of Venice, nesting on the roofs of buildings and feeding on urban waste by spreading the contents of garbage bags on the streets, with a negative environmental impact and serious consequences in terms of urban hygiene.

To counter such problems, VERITAS, the public company responsible for managing urban waste, established a new waste collection policy in the city to prevent accumulation of rubbish in the streets and limit the amount of trophic resources available for the species.

The results of a multi-year monitoring of the urban population of yellow-legged gulls, of the investigation of the effectiveness of the new waste collection system and of the effects on the target species are presented in an article written by Francesca Coccon & Shira Fano and published in the European Journal of Wildlife Research.

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