The ENCORA project has been initiated to improve sharing of knowledge and experience within Europe, in two respects:
- Overcome existing fragmentation of coastal expertise. In all European coastal states many institutions are engaged in coastal and marine studies related to science, practice or policy. Together these institutions constitute a huge resource of knowledge and experience. However, as much work is done in isolation, this resource is not fully exploited.
- Better exploit scientific knowledge in practice. Scientific knowledge is communicated mainly among fellow experts; scientific publications focus on specific disciplinary aspects and are almost inaccessible to non-expert coastal and marine professionals. Existing publication practices are not appropriate for passing on new insight to practice.
Therefore ENCORA organises a number of services enabling coastal professionals to take better advantage of existing knowledge resources in Europe, for tackling the challenges posed by the future of our coasts. These services are being implemented by Coordination Offices, which have been established in 18 European countries and rely on National Networks, Thematic Networks and Affiliated Networks. In this sense ENCORA is a Network of Networks.
The thematic networks deal with the following ICZM-related topics:

Theme 1 : Multifunctionality and Valuation
Theme 2: ICZM Participation and Implementation
Theme 3: Marine and coastal spatial planning
Theme 4: Pollution, prevention, detection and mitigation
Theme 5: Long term coastal geo-morphological change
Theme 6: Effect of Development and Use on Eco-morphology and Coastal Habitat
Theme 7 : Restoration and preservation of coastal biodiversity: ecological valuation
Theme 8: sustainable coastal engineering techniques
Theme 9: Assesment of field observation techniques
Theme 10: Capacity building, training and education in ICZM

Project's website: www.encora.org