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Published on 18-06-2021

Transparent administration

CORILA. CF 94041400279 and VAT number 03338290277 (registered office in Venice San Marco 2847)

The “Transparent Administration” section of CORILA, like that of any public administration, is organized according to the provisions established in the annex to Legislative Decree no. 14 March 2013 n. 33 and subsequent amendments “Reorganization of the regulations concerning the right of civic access and the obligations of publicity, transparency and dissemination of information by public administrations”.


On 23 June 2016, Legislative Decree 25 May 2016 n. 97 (also known as FOIA), which amended Legislative Decree 33/2013. In art. 42, public administrations are expected to adapt to the changes introduced within six months from the date of entry into force of the decree itself.


Having verified that CORILA, a private entity controlled by Public Bodies, is also subject to the same rule, the “Transparent Administration” section of this site is under construction.


In the pages dedicated to transparent administration, it will be possible to access documents, information and statistical data describing the people, structures, activities, projects and achievements of the Consortium for the coordination of research relating to the Venice lagoon system.


The information contained in this section of the portal is supervised by the management of CORILA.


For any problems or to request information relating to transparency, write to management at


We inform you that the personal data published in the “Transparent Administration” section can be reused under the conditions provided for by the current legislation on the reuse of public data (Community Directive 2003/98 / EC and Legislative Decree 36/2006 transposing the same and subsequent amendments .ii.) compatibly with the purposes for which they were collected and recorded, in compliance with the legislation on the protection of personal data.