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Published on 21-03-2022

Maritime Spatial Planning in the East Mediterranean


  • Programme or Providing body: DG MARE
  • Project title: SUpporting maritime spatial Planning in the Eastern MEditerranean
  • Acronym: SUPREME
  • Duration: 01/2017- 12/2018
  • Project budget: 2.5 Million Euros (80% co-financing).
  • CORILA budget:  €
  • Contact person in CORILA:
  • Keywords: 

The project co-financed by DGMARE, under the EASME / EMFF / 2015 / call, is coordinated by CORILA and has a budget of 2.5 million euros (80% co-financing).

The general objective of the project is to support the Member States of the Eastern Mediterranean (Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Greece) in the implementation of the Maritime Spatial Planning Directive – MSP (Directive 2014/89 / EU), at the same time starting a process cooperation between states at the basin scale.

The MSP Directive asks Member States to define their maritime space management plans by 31 March 2021, ensuring effective cross-border cooperation.

Specific objectives of the project are:

1. Promote cross-border cooperation mechanisms for the implementation of the MSP, involving relevant stakeholders

2. Promote greater awareness and understanding of the factors and uses that most impact the marine environment and in particular assess their cumulative impact

3. Identify the demand for the use of space and marine resources coming from the different maritime sectors and propose measures to reduce conflicts and promote synergies

4. Explore potential spatial requirements for conservation; the challenges of cross-border cooperation

5. Identify and address missing data and support a consistent analysis of data along the borders of marine areas, promoting data sharing

6. Promote a consistent implementation of the MSP and ICZM under the Barcelona Convention and the application of the ecosystem approach

7. To concretely address MSP issues in selected case studies by anticipating and supporting the development of national plans.


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