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Published on 26-07-2022

Work with us

A new generation of scientists

CORILA selects young graduates and post-docs to be included in challenging national (supported by the PNRR), European and international projects.

We offer a period of one to three years of work and training in the field in close contact with scientific excellence, to acquire or deepen skills in scientific research management, European planning, interdisciplinary study on issues of great social impact.

CORILA in 2023 will be involved in over 15 different national and European projects, and will coordinate 3 of them.

The personnel we are looking for must be of Italian / European citizenship or have a residence permit; have a master’s degree and under the age of 33. The research doctorate is a preferential title. Must have a perfect knowledge of Italian and a good knowledge of English. Must know how to use the main IT platforms and tools, know how to communicate and be led to teamwork. CORILA’s policies are not discriminatory in relation to gender, geographical origin or ethnicity.