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Published on 18-06-2021

Since 2004 CORILA has been a publishing house, it has published 7 volumes in which the results of research and numerous monographs have been collected.

He contributed to the dissemination of research results, promoting the publication of monographic issues of ISI listed scientific journals, and organized major international conferences on topics of interest to the related scientific community. In the scientific dissemination activity CORILA has organized and co-organized numerous events, seminars and conferences, the following in Venice:

Proceedings of research programs
Other publications

Proceedings of research programs

The Venice lagoon in the context of climate change, mitigation and adaptation measures and the evolution of land uses.

CORILA Research Program – Venice Water Authority 2008-2010. Venice, 2012.

Scientific Research and Safeguarding of Venice.

CORILA Research program 2004-2006.
Vol. VI.
2006 results.
Venezia, 2008.

Scientific Research and Safeguarding of Venice.

CORILA Research program 2004-2006.
Vol. IV.
2004 results.
Venezia, 2006.

Scientific Research and Safeguarding of Venice.

CORILA Research program 2001-2003.
Vol. II.
2002 results.
Venezia, 2004.

Scientific Research and Safeguarding of Venice.

CORILA Research program 2004-2006.
Vol. VII.
2007-2010 results.
Venezia, 2011.

Scientific Research and Safeguarding of Venice.

CORILA Research program 2004-2006.
Vol. V.
2005 results.
Venezia, 2007.

Scientific Research and Safeguarding of Venice.

CORILA Research program 2001-2003.
Vol. III.
2003 results.
Venezia, 2005.

Scientific Research and Safeguarding of Venice.

CORILA Research program 2001-2003.
Vol. I.
2001 results.
Venezia, 2004.

Other publications

Cartography of the Danube and surrounding areas in and after the times of Vincenzo Maria Coronelli and Luigi Ferdinando Marsili.

Seminar framed in the International Study Conference “Venive and Eastern Europe from the late Middle Ages to the Modern Age” organized by the Romanian Cultural and Humanistic Association, Venice 23-24 April 2015.

The environmental control of the construction of the MOSE.

10 years of monitoring between the sea and the Venice lagoon

P. Campostrini, C. Dabalà, P. Del Negro, L. Tosi editors, CORILA.

ADRIPLAN. Project conclusions and recommendations.

ISMAR-CNR 2015. Editing CORILA. Foreword by Pierpaolo Campostrini.

A short manual for maritime spatial planning in the Adriatic-Ionian Region.

Venice. Forms of construction Forms of instability.

CLUVA, 2011. With the contribution of CORILA and IUAV.

Curated by Francesco Doglioni, Giulio Mirabella Roberti. Presentations by Amerigo Restucci and Pierpaolo Campostrini. Writings by Michele Bondanelli, Claudio Menichelli, Giorgia Ottaviani, Luca Scappin, Angela Squassina, Francesco Trovò.

Contamination, risk and stigma. Reclamation in Porto Marghera

Marsilio-IUAV 2011. With the contribution of CORILA

Curated by Domenico Patassini. Writings by Stefania Tonin, Margherita Turvani, Renato Gibin, Markus Hedorfer, Michele Ciriotto, Domenico Patassini, Enrico Rinaldi.

Flora and Vegetation of the Italian Transitional Water Systems.

CORILA, Venezia, 2009.

The volume, the result of the collaboration between CORILA and the LaguNet Network, presents a collection of articles on the environmental peculiarities of lagoons as transitional environments, present in Italy.

Edit by Ester Cecere, Antonella Petrocelli, Giulio Izzo, Adriano Sfriso.

The system of wooden foundations in Venice. Evaluation of the chemical-physical and microbiological behavior.

CORILA, Venezia, 2009.

A research that deepens the knowledge of the wooden poles that consolidate the foundation soil of the buildings, in their relationship with the statics of the stone base and the upper part of the factory, aimed at targeted interventions of safeguarding and conservation.

Dynamics of the real estate market in the production areas of the Porto Marghera site of national interest.

CORILA, Venezia, 2009.

Analysis of the real estate market of the industrial and commercial areas of Porto Marghera, useful for the elaboration of public policies in the field of urban regeneration and sustainable development of the Venetian territory.

The measure of lagoon-sea solid transport.

CORILA, Venezia, 2009.

A research that explores the theme of the exchange of sediments between the lagoon and the sea, with a systematic detection of solid transport, for the purpose of controlling the effects of the morphological transformations of the lagoon.

Lagoons and Coastal Wetlands in the Global Change Context: Impacts and Management Issues.

Springer, The Netherlands, 2007.

The volume contains the most significant contributions presented at the “CoastWetChange” International Conference, which was held in Venice on April 26-28, 2004.

Manual of analytical methods for environmental control of waters and sediments of the Venice Lagoon.

CORILA, Venezia, 2007.

The Manual is a contribution to the definition of the control system required by the Ministerial Decree of 23.4.1998 and subsequent ones (“” Ronchi-Costa “decrees). It collects the best analytical methods currently available and actually usable to measure with sufficient precision the analytes and parameters indicated by the regulations in force.

ELGIRA. Aid system for knowledge and evaluation in the requalification of polluted sites.
Illustrative brochure of the system designed with the research Evaluation of the benefits and costs of remediation of polluted sites in the Venice lagoon, in the 2001-2003 and 2004-2006 research programs.
32. Congress of IAHR, the International Association of Hydraulic Engineering & Research.

CORILA, Venezia, 2007.

Harmonizing the Demands of Art and Nature in Hydraulics. Abstracts. July 1-6, 2007, Venice, Italy.

Coastal Structures 2007. International Conference.

CORILA, Venezia 2007.

Book of Abstracts. July 2-4, 2007, Venice, Italy.
Metis project. On the possible future scenarios of Venice and its Lagoon.

CORILA, Venezia, 2003.

Summary of a research concerning the construction of possible future scenarios for Venice and its lagoon considering integrated economic, social, cultural, environmental aspects, carried out with interviews with “privileged witnesses”. The scenarios are not all those imaginable, but those with the highest levels of realism.

Reliability of high tide prediction systems.

CORILA, Venezia, 1999.

It presents the state of knowledge regarding the high water forecasting system in Venice, the monitoring networks and the models used, the efficiency achieved and possible developments.
Sea level rise scenarios for the Venice Lagoon.

CORILA, Venezia, 1999.

Comparison and verification of sea growth scenarios due to subsidence alone, projection to the future of the average growth of the last 100 years, forecasts on a global scale of the IPCC of 1995.