MEDREGION (Support Mediterranean Member States towards the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive new GES Decision and programmes of measures and contribute to regional/subregional cooperation) is a project funded by the European Commission - DG Environment, with the aim of providing support to the Member States for the implementation of the second cycle of the Framework Directive on the Marine Environment Strategy (2008/56 / EC).

The project will develop over a period of 24 months.

The partnership, coordinated by HCMR (Greece) is composed of institutes, research centers and competent authorities for the Marine Strategy belonging to the Member States of the "Mediterranean Sea" region: IFREMER and Plan Bleu (France); ISPRA-SNPA, University of Salento, CORILA and MATTM (Italy); AZTI and IEO (Spain); IzVRS, NIB and MOP (Slovenia); IOF and MEE (Croatia); NKUA and SSW (Greece); RAC / SPA (Tunisia).