DANUBIUS. Pan European Competition


To Identify Potential Business Opportunities from the DANUBIUS-RI Research Infrastructure

PRIZE – Trip for two to Lisbon to attend the European Marine Day 2019

The Competition for Ideas

DANUBIUS-RI (http://www.danubius-ri.eu) is a Pan European distributed environmental research infrastructure in the planning stages and aims to become operational by 2023. DANUBIUS-PP (www.danubius-pp.eu) a H2020 preparatory phase project that is developing the frameworks for a dedicated research infrastructure. This planned infrastructure, Danubius-RI is committed to making river-sea systems work and one of the main challenges is the evaluation of the societal and economic impact and the establishment of strong and sustainable links with industry and the business community.

The objective of this competition is to identify ideas and build a proposal that will engage the business community during the current planning phase through to the development and subsequent operational phase and lead to long-term partnerships.

Download docx Business Pitch-Competition of Ideas document


If you have any questions, please, contact us at Danubius-RI@stir.ac.uk.