Materials and pubblications

CORILA has produced books, documents, reports, projects and initiatives on issues relating to research.The publications concerning the Proceedings of the Annual Meetings of Research Programs, the final summary of the programs, manuals and guides on particular topics, scientific reports, quarterly issues of journals, conference proceedings and conferences organized by CORILA. Some of these publications are published directly by CORILA, others are promoted by the association. Information on the availability of the publications can be requested from the secretariat of CORILA.


Acts of the Annual Meeting  


Each year, between spring and summer, CORILA promotes a meeting on research and projects in progress, which invites all researchers involved, representatives of agencies and institutions, students and citizens. The research is presented with reports on individual topics and abstract summaries.
Following the meetings, are published in volumes containing the "extended abstract" of the research presented. The articles are in English.

Projects and Research  

CORILA published or participated in the publication of manuals, scientific reports, summaries of projects and specific research in paper or electronic form

Conferences and Seminars

CORILA has organized several conferences and seminars. Some of these published the final acts or abstracts

Publications promoted by CORILA  

CORILA promoted publications in national and international journals::
Journal of Marine Systems, Special Issue: Lagoon of Venice-Circulation, Water Exchange and Ecosystem Functioning, Edited by M. Gacic and C. Solidoro, Volume 51, issue 1-4, Novembre 2004.
Flooding and Environmental Challenges for Venice and its Lagoon: State of Knowledge, edited by C.A. Fletcher and T. Spencer, Cambridge University Press, 2005. 
Lagoon and Coastal Wetlands in the Global Context: Impact and Management Issues. Proceedings of the International Conference Venica, 26-28 Aprile 2004. Edited by P. Lasserre, P. Viaroli and P. Campostrini. La pubblicazione è parte della serie “Integrated Coastal Area Management (ICAM) dell’UNESCO”. 2005.
Hydrobiologia, Special Issue: Lagoons and Coastal Wetlands in the Global Change Context Impacts and Management Issues. Guest editors: Pierluigi Viaroli, Pierre Lasserre & Pierpaolo Campostrini. 2007.