Projects and Research

Flora and Vegetation of the Italian Transitional Water Systems.
CORILA, Venezia, 2009.
The book, a collaboration between the LaguNet Network and CORILA, presents a collection of articles on environmental characteristics of the lagoons as transitional environments, found in Italy.

The system of wooden foundations in Venice. Assessment of microbiological and physico-chemical behavior.
CORILA, Venezia, 2009.
A search for knowledge of wooden stakes to consolidate the foundation ground for buildings, their relationship with the static stone basement and the overlying part of the building, targeted interventions aimed at the preservation and conservation.

Dynamics of the housing market in the production areas of the site of national interest of Porto Marghera.
CORILA, Venezia, 2009.
Analysis of the real estate market of industrial and commercial areas of Porto Marghera, useful for the elaboration of public policies in the field of urban regeneration and sustainable development in the Venice area.

The measurement of sediment-water lagoon.
CORILA, Venezia, 2009.
A research that examines the issue of exchange between the lagoon and sea sediments, with a systematic measurement of sediment transport, in order to control the effects of morphological transformations lagoon.

Lagoons and Coastal Wetlands in the Global Change Context: Impacts and Management Issues.
Springer, The Netherlands, 2007.
Are collected in the volume the most important contributions presented at the International Conference "CoastWetChange", which was held in Venice on 26-28 April 2004.

Manual of analytical methods for environmental control of waters and sediments of the Lagoon of Venice.
CORILA, Venezia, 2007.
The Handbook is a contribution to the definition of the control system required by the DM 23.4.1998 and thereafter (decrees "Ronchi-Costa "). Collects the best analytical methods currently available and effectively used to measure with sufficient precision the analytes and the parameters given by regulations.

Metis project. About possible future scenarios of Venice and its Lagoon.
CORILA, Venezia, 2003.
Synthesis of research that involves the construction of possible futures for Venice and its lagoon considering aspects integrated economic, social, cultural, environmental, made ​​interviews with "witnesses". The scenarios are not all conceivable ones, but those with higher levels of realism.

System reliability prediction of high tides.
CORILA, Venezia, 1999.
Presents the state of knowledge about the system of estimates of high water in Venice, the monitoring networks and the models used, the efficiency achieved and possible developments.

Scenarios for sea level rise for the Lagoon of Venice.
CORILA, Venezia, 1999.
Comparison and verification scenarios for growth of the sea due to subsidence alone, the future projection of average growth in the last 100 years, forecasts of global IPCC 1995.