Research Programme 2001-2003

Within the First Research Programme (2000-2003) 70 institutions and organisations have been involved altogether, including 18 from abroad; human resources equate to 3000 man-months over three years. The programme costs approx. 10,8 million Euro, of which €6,2m is allocated by the Special Law for Venice and the rest comes from other Administrations and the partners themselves - more than 40% of Special Law funds are matched by co-financing.interessate.
Area 1. Economics
Line 1.1. Economic valuation of environmental goods.
Project: Economic evaluation of interventions for safeguarding and protecting the environment. Responsible prof. C. Carraro, University Ca' Foscari, Venice.
Area 2. Architecture and cultural heritage
Line 2.1. Protection from high waters and architectural conservation.
Project: Venice, a thousand years of construction and protection from salt water. Responsible prof. M. Piana, University IUAV of Venice.
Area 3. Environmental processes
Line 3.1. Trends in global change processes.
Project 1: Modelling and experimental study of the organic soil compaction and prediction of the land subsidence related to climate changes in the South-Eastern area of the Venice Lagoon catchment (VOSS – Venice Organic Soil Subsidence). Responsible prof. G. Gambolati, University of Padua.
Project 2: Climatic trends induced by global change focused on Venice environment. Responsible dott. A. Bergamasco, CNR Venice.
Line 3.2. Hydrodynamics and morphology
Project 1: Hydrodynamics and morphology of the Venice lagoon. Responsible dott. G. Umgiesser, CNR Venice.
Project 2: Analysis and monitoring of processes in the morphological lagoon system. Responsible prof. G. Di Silvio, University of Padua.
Line 3.3. Efficiency of lagoon metabolism
Project: Metabolic processes: productivity, nutrient cycles and effects of contaminants on biota. Integration of experimental approach and environmental modeling and ecological risk.. Responsible prof. A. Marcomini, University Ca' Foscari of Venice.
Line 3.4. Chemical contamination
Project: Role of aerosol and secondary pollution on chemical contamination of the lagoon of Venice. Responsible prof. G. Capodaglio, University Ca' Foscari of Venice.
Line 3.5. Quantity and quality of exchanges between lagoon and sea.
Project: Quantity and quality of exchanges between the lagoon and Sea. Responsible dott. A. Mazzoldi, CNR Venice.
Line 3.6. Biodiversity in the Venice lagoon.
Project: The study of biodiversity for a balance between conservation and exploitation in the lagoon of Venice responsible. Responsible prof. D. Mainardi, University Ca' Foscari of Venice.
Line 3.7. Forecasting and management models.
Project: Indagini sperimentali e modellazione dei meccanismi morfodinamici agenti nel sistema lagunare veneziano. Responsible prof. L. D'Alpaos, University of Padua.
Area 4. Data management and distribution
Line 4.1. Distributed Information System.
Project: The RIVELA portal, a database for research on Venice and the lagoon. Responsible prof. R. Orsini, University Ca' Foscari of Venice.