Seagulls in Venice

The article “Effects of a new waste collection policy on the population of yellow-legged gulls, Larus michahellis, in the historic centre of Venice (Italy)” has been published.

Webinar GreenHull Project

Tuesday 9th of June, at 5 PM, a webinar about the new GreenHull project, part of the Interreng program between Italy and Slovenia, will take place.


The Interreg Italia-Slovenija GreenHull project "Green technologies for ecological cleaning of biological fouling on hulls in the Upper Adriatic" began in March 2020. CORILA is partner of the project.

CORILA and Covid-19 emergency

CORILA remained active throughout the Covid-19 emergency. All the projects followed by CORILA have not stopped

Summerschool on "Estuaries as transitional bodies between land and sea"

The summerschool on "Estuaries as transitional bodies between land and sea" is to be held in Lauenburg, near Hamburg, from 9 to 19th August 2020. Application deadline is 1th March.